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IV Sedation

IV Sedation


Many people avoid dental treatment because they are apprehension and fearful of visiting the dentist. Are you one of these patients? At Fairview Dental Care, our sedation certified dentists are proud to offer you Relacs (pronounced relax) Sedation Dentistry.

With IV sedation you are able to relax while we take care of your dental needs. You will remain conscious during the procedure, but you may not remember much once it is completed.

  • Advantages of Relacs IV Sedation
    • The onset of IV sedation is quick and we are able to personalize your experience based on your needs.
    • IV sedation allows your body to reach a deeper state of sedation than it could with oral or nitrous oxide sedation.
    • IV sedation can suppress your gag reflex.
    • Unlike general anesthesia, you’ll still remain conscious.

You no longer have to avoid dental treatment due to dental anxiety thanks to IV sedation. For more information about IV sedation, contact us at 573-445-5811 and learn about our free consultation!